The Does at Black Walnut Farm are carefully selected to persevere the characteristics of Myotonic Goats.


Currently Black Walnut Farm has 2 bucks, B's Barn Oscar and Wells Lincoln.


Kidding is an exciting time at Black Walnut Farm. Our next kids are expected February 2019 and July-September 2019.

CL, CAE, and Johnes Negative Herd

At Black Walnut Farm, we strive to maintain a healthy herd and perform annual herd testing to ensure optimal health of our herd. Our herd was last tested 05/07/2018 and CL, CAE, and Johnes results are negative.

Morning Dawn Kids Black Walnut Farm
Black Walnut Farm Dawn Fainted

Myotonic Goat Registry

The Fainting Goats at Black Walnut Farm are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry. To learn more about breed traits and characteristics click here.

Selecting a Goat

At Black Walnut Farm, we understand that adding new additions to your farm is an exciting time for the whole family. We provide a safe and fun environment for your family to view our kids, so you can select the perfect kid.

For More Information

For more information about the Fainting Goats at Black Walnut Farm, please email